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NCNC AGM: Press Release 


Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Dear Respected Nepali Community Members, 


On behalf of the NCNC, we would like to thank all NCNC members, our chief guest Honorary Nepalese Consulate General  Dr. Kunjar Sharma and all invited guests from different organizations, officers of different Nepalese Canadian Organizations, and all the community members who attended our annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday, 20 December 2014 at Brampton Towers in Brampton.  NCNC members, community members and leaders of various community organizations shared their views and expressed their ideas as to how we can improve Nepalese community organizations and better serve our community in the days to come. Among others, the meeting has approved the election results presented by Election Committee. The new Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the next two years term are as follows. 


NCNC Board of Directors   

Mr. Dhundi Raj Khanal – Director 

Mr. Gopi Krishna Kaphle – Director 

Dr. Krishna Prasad Bhandary (Kismat) - Director 

Dr. Narayan Regmi - Director 

Mr. Netra Khatiwada (Deenesh) – Director 

Mr. Pashupati Pokhrel- Director 

Mr. Santa Rajbhandari- Director 


NCNC Executive Committee  

Mr. Gopi Krishna Kaphle –President 

Mr. Santa Rajbhandari – Vice-President 

Mr. Netra Khatiwada (Deenesh) – General Secretary 

Mr. Pitambar Bhattarai - Secretary 

Mr. Kedar Bhattarai - Treasurer 

Mr. Hari Siwakoti – Member 

Mr. Rishi Ram Gaire – Member  


During the AGM, the volunteers, artists, sponsors and other community members who contributed to NCNC remarkably in achieving success of the NCNC programs in the last two years term were also honoured. 


The NCNC new management team congratulates the outgoing management team, led by Bal Chandra Shrestha for successfully completing its two years term.  We are also very thankful to the election commissioners, Mr. Tulsi Sapkota, Dr. Ganga Pandeya, and Mr. Dhundi Raj Pandey, for their time and efforts to make the elections smooth and timely manner. 


We look forward for our community members’ continued support to serve our community better in the days ahead. 



With Warm Regards, 


Mr. Gopi Krishna Kaphle 

Director and President, NCNC 


Mr. Netra Khatiwada (Deenesh) 

Director and General Secretary, NCNC 



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