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Save lives ! Save Nepal ! Donate & Heal


There has been a devastating natural disaster of enormous proportion in the Himalayan country of Nepal on 25th April, 2015, caused by a massive earthquake measuring at 7.8 magnitude.  It has claimed over 7,350 deat toll up to 3 may and almost 15 thousand has injured milion people are effected and displaced. Many ancient structures have been destroyed, along with individual properties and infrastructure.  The earthquake continues to produce powerful aftershocks, forcing people to take shelter in tents and open spaces.  As the rescue efforts continue, the human tragedy is beginning to unfold and it is predicted that it will get worse in the coming days. The victims require immediate help with shelter, clean water, medical supplies, food and access to sanitation.  Many people from around the globe have been pulling together to support the victims of Nepal earthquake, but they require more help.  Any help provided by you will make a tangible contribution towards alleviating the impact of this tragedy.


How and where will these funds go?

All the funds collected will be remitted to the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund established by the government of Nepal. The Nepalese government together with other national/international organizations has been working with victims in affected areas. All the proceeds will be used to help save lives and contribute to the immediate needs of the victims and provide relief for those in affected regions. We ask you to consider contributing whatever you can toward this cause.


You can donate to this cause by depositing your contribution to the following bank account:


The Bank of Montreal

Nepal Earthquake Emergency Fund 

Account number: 04892 - 001 - 8212197



Thank you very much in advance for your generosity for this noble cause.


The list of individuals from whom we have received donation for the earthquake victims of Nepal are as follows:


Samar/ Rima Thapa, Timmins 1,000

Bal Chandra Shrestha 501

Kiran Pant 500

Boamby Bhell Restaurant 500

Sanjeeta and jenisha 301

Madhu Bilash devkota 150

Gopi Krishna kaphle 111

Krishna Bhandary 105

Hari siwakoti 105

Narayan regmi 101

Santa Rajbhandari 101 

Dhundi khanal 101

Kiran Dhungana 101 

Govinda Ghimire 101

Dhundi pandey 101'

Rishi Ram gaire 50

Pitamber bhattarai 101

Pashupati pokhrel 101

Kedar bhattarai 50

Deenesh khatiwada 50

Surya Bhattarai 150

Manish Parajuli 50

Raj Jabeja 200

Ajay Patel 200

Mahesh Upadhaya 100

Visal Patel 100

Divyaraj 100

Rishi Patel 50

Sandeep Multani 50


Tons of thanks to you all for your kind generosity! 


For further information, you may contact one of the following NCNC officials: 


Gopi Krishna Kaphle 647-878-4674

Santa Rajbhandari 647-774-1610

Deenesh Khatiwada 647-703-8452

Kedar Bhattarai 647 764 5139

Dhundi Raj Khanal 647 740 5611

Krishna Prasad Bhandary (Kismat) 647 338 5989 

Narayan Regmi 416 838 6346

Pashupati Pokhrel 647 405 6626

Hari Siwakoti – 416 471 0130

Rishi Ram Gaire 647 855 2509

Pitambar Bhattarai 647 766 4329

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