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Dear Community Members,


It is our great pleasure to share this historical Good News to all of you that Brampton City Council Meeting which was conducted Today on February 22, 2023 has passed our proposed name "SAGARMATHA PARK" which will be given the name to the park in Brampton South within 90 days. In the meeting NCNC President Mr. Nar Bahadur Chhetri, General Secretary Mr. Bhumi Raj Ghimire, Board Member Gopal Shrestha and General Member Durga Nath Kharaal were presented. Once the park is named, the city of Brampton will give us date and time for a grand opening ceremony, most probably in June 2023. We will invite all of you in the opening ceremony. Please keep following our Facebook page and website.

Thank you

Bhumi Raj Ghimire

General Secretary


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