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Nepalese Community Network of Canada (NCNC) is a non-profit organization constituted by the Nepali community residing in Canada. NCNC was established and registered under the Canada Corporation Act in 1993. Since then, it has been playing  vital roles in promoting Nepali culture and its rich heritage along with helping newcomers network and assimilate into Canada.

A fully harmonized Nepali Canadian community with its glorious cultural heritage

To help diaspora Nepali community integrate into Canadian way of life by preserving its rich cultural heritage and creating an environment to succeed through experience sharing and networking


We are committed to contribute in socio-cultural front by focusing on the following:

• Capitalizing on program/s that benefit our community members
• Realizing the potential of Nepali Canadians
• Meeting our community requirements
• Optimizing the use of funds raised
• Sustaining robust working team
• Mobilizing our youth where possible
• Tailoring age and gender specific programs

Our Core Value
• Acting with absolute integrity
• Collaborating, supporting and respecting one another
• Communicating openly, honestly and frequently
• Developing a highly motivated, valued and diverse member force
• Optimizing our financial and physical resources
• Simplifying and improving continuously

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