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Dear Community Members,

Today Nepalese Community Network of Canada's (NCNC) delegation team met his Worship Mayor Patrick Brown at Brampton City Hall and congratulated him for being re- elected as Mayor of Flower City, Brampton. On behalf of NCNC General Secretary Mr. Bhumi Raj Ghimire presented the letter of request to Mayor Brown. Chairman Mr. Pashupati Pokhrel and President Mr. Nar Bahadur Chhetri honored Mayor Brown with Nepali Topi and Khada. BOD Mr. Bhaskar Jha, BOD Mr. Gopal Shrestha and a social activist Mr. Ramesh Dhital were also present in the meeting.


NCNC Request Letter included:


1 Naming a Park in the City of Brampton with the name that represents Nepali community. ( eg: Sagarmatha park, Gautam Buddha Park etc). The names will be finalized from the community members point of view.

2 Celebrate Nepal Day / Sambidhan Diwas in coordination with the city of Brampton every year on Sep 19.


Thank you Mayor Brown for your commitment for the requests we made and looking forward to working together.


For your kind information, the mayor has advised us to visit him in the month of January 2023 with our proposed park name. And also, he has assured us that we are allowed to celebrate our Constitution Day in the City of Brampton on  every September 19.


NCNC would like to thank our community leader Mr. Bijay Paudel for all of your initiatives and making this possible . NCNC is one of the oldest Nepalese Community Organizations in Canada and has been involved in various activities including participation in Carabram Festival, conducting Nepali Language classes, annual BBQ, Festival Night, New Year Celebrations, Fundraising and more...



Thank you

With best regards

Bhumi Raj Ghimire

General Secretary




Mobile: 647-299-5896

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